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Name: Al Johnson
Serial No. 002341847
Location: Motherwell, UK

Offence: Too Much Skill
Trick Status:
Not permitted

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Al Johnson freestyle

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Vital statistics

Name: Al
Age: Johnson
Height: 165 cm (5'5)
Weight: 65 kg (5 st)

Career highlights

Appeared on ITV "The Championship" as a visual link between highlights.

Performed in front of 42 000 fans at Stamford Bridge – Chelsea vs. Arsenal in 2005 and has done quite a few other big game entertainment gigs including Celtic v AC Milan in the Champions League in 2004.

Taught tricks to 300 kids at an American Soccer Academy in 2005.

Been in several media (radio and print) interviews about "Freestyle in Scotland"


Freestyle facts

Al practices around 3hours/week and ensures that his basic kick-up skills are always fine tuned.

The first trick he learnt was the Neck Catch and his favourite trick is the Reverse Scissors Around the World .

The most unusual trick Al performs is his Toe bounce, Flick and Spin (aka "the Al Johnson")

Al once performed at a wedding reception!

Al's "Keepy Up" record his 5 300!


Personal Quote

"No matter how hard a trick may appear. Put the practice and hard work in and you'll get it soon enough"

More info

He is a Middlesbrough fan and has performed at the stadium on numerous occasions - meeting both Mark Viduka and the Boro playing legend - John Hendrie!

Apart from Football Freestyling - Al loves Football and plays regularly, but also enjoys Frisbee and has a thing for 1970's retro fashion.

Al is also a committed Christian and is intensely interested in the Christian faith.