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Player Profiles

Name: Billy Fincham
AKA: Nigel Nutter
Serial No. 000941567
Location: London, UK

Offence: Preposterous Skills on Display
Trick Status:

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Billy Fincham freestyle

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Vital statistics

Name: Billy
Age: Fincham
Height: 183cm (6')
Weight: 78kg (12,5st)

Career highlights

Billy has been on the sets of many football based commercial shoots over the  years, including being Zinedine Zindane's body double in the 2006 Adidas World Cup commercial and the body double for Wayne Rooney in a Nike commercial in the same year.

Billy has met footballers like Kaka, Frank Lampard and Eric Cantona as a result of his extensive football advertisement work.

Billy once performed at a Chelsea Legends dinner party.

He also made the final of the Unofficial Freestyle World Championships in 2005 as well as the final of the Nike Freestyle competition in 2001.


Freestyle facts

Billy trains around 6 hours/week on performance level tricks/moves- but always practices his general kick-ups indoors everyday! (even in the kitchen!)

His favourite trick is the "Ear-to-Ear"

The most unusual trick he performs is his special foot flick while the first trick he learnt was the classic Neck Catch.


Personal Quote

"Practice makes Perfect"


More info

Billy is a keen collector of Football and other sports Memorabilia and once even performed at a Memorabilia Auction.

If you look carefully - you can spot Billy juggling a football in the new BBC football based program promo clip that is shown usually just before most football programs on the BBC!

Billy is intensely interested in freestyling both as a competitor and as a fan and is always looking for ways to promote the sport.