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Name: Dan Magness
Serial No. 0021
Location: London, UK

Offence: Doing the inconceivable
with a football!

Trick Status:

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Vital statistics

Name: Dan Magness
Age: 22
Height: 180 cm (5'11)
Weight: 91 kg (14.5st)

Career highlights

Dan featured heavily in the 2006 Pringles World Cup commercial and campaign throughout the UK, travelling all over the UK performing freestyling both with a football and a Pringles can

Dan has appeared in many TV shows in the UK where he has been featured for his great football freestyling skills. These shows have included the Friday Night Project, Vee TV, the Championship Show and many News programs

Appeared live on French TV with Nam from the Grande Palais in Paris performing for France's biggest annual charity Telethon event

He conducted a breath-taking performance at the Cannes TV Festival in 2006 to promote the Urban Freestylers DVD

Has performed live at various concerts including  Peter Andre, Ja Rule and Jennifer Ellison.

Perhaps one of the most accomplished and experienced live football entertainment specialists, Dan has performed half-time shows at Chelsea, Everton,
West Ham and
Manchester City among many other big stadiums throughout the UK

Dan has also been featured in a number of magazines such as Nuts, Shoot and Total Sport as well as been interviewed by radio stations up and down the country.

Freestyle facts

Dan has juggled a football for almost 14 hours.

Dan practices at least 2 hours/day.

He holds a proud personal record in speed juggling (230 in one minute)

The first trick he learnt was a knee trap and his favourite current trick is the sitting criss cross

His most unusual trick is the eye ball roll and the strangest place he has performed is in a cinema 

Personal Quote

" Don't give up, use your imagination, and keep practicing"

More info

Dan has the most incredible energy levels! They have to be seen to be believed - he simply does not stop!!

Dan has an incredible ability to juggle almost any object as well as balance just about anything on his head! Check out the Freak Zone to see what Dan is all about!

He is a huge fan of Liverpool FC and Dan was an apprentice with Wimbledon FC.

He has met Steven Gerrard, Roberto Carlos, Freddie Ljungberg and Djibril Cisse at various commercial and TV shoots.