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Player Profiles

Name: Jason Caen
Serial No. 002356562
Location: London, UK

Offence: Physically Impossible Moves
Trick Status:
Severe Violation

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Jason Caen

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Vital statistics

Name: Jason Caen
Age: 30
Height: 5 ft 11
Weight: 19 stone

Career highlights

Jason is new to both the world of Football Freestyle and football based entertainment.

He is keen to get involved with football based advertisement work, so anyone out there interested in a fantastic footballer on the slightly large side?

Check out his work especially in our Team Concept teaser clips - also - we can provide specialist footage of Jason in action as a footballer to any interested parties!

Freestyle facts

Jason practices around 2 hours/week but tries to concentrate on new moves and tricks, having perfected the basics.

Like many Football Freestylers - the first trick Jason learnt was the Neck Catch.

His favourite trick is his Around the World using his opposite leg to set up the move. 

Personal Quote

"Keep practicing and never give up on a trick or move - practice makes perfect!"

More info

Jason is new to the whole football entertainment scene and is very interested in developing his involvement in this area.

He loves football but is an all round sports fan - enjoying most sports.

He very much enjoys fishing and is a big Millwall FC fan!