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Player Profiles

Name: Joe Davies
Serial No. 001141567
Location: Birmingham, UK

Offence: Too Smooth with the Moves
Trick Status:

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Joe Davies freestyle

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Vital statistics

Name: Joe
Age: Davies
Height: 185 (6'1)
Weight: 70kg (11st)

Career highlights

He met Thierry Henry, Wayne Rooney and Eric Cantona while filming a Nike Street Football Advert in 2006

In 2006 he featured in Nike Joga TV

Was featured on the BBC's Football Focus in 2005

Was a key member in the Urban Freestyler DVD in 2006


Freestyle facts

His favourite trick is "Heel Up" where Joe specialises in doing back heel kick-ups!

The most unusual place he performed is the Sanctuary nightclub in Birmingham at Nike Panna K.O

Joe practices up to 3 hours/day

His most unusual trick is placing a spinning ball on his head and then getting it to stop dead.

Personal Quote

"Practice, Practice, Practice"  

More info

Joe is a mad keen Aston Villa supporter!!

He enjoys socialising and meeting up with his friends as well as playing as much football as possible.

Joe especially enjoys performing freestyle type tricks in actual football match situations.

Joe is another Kaos Footballista with a wide and varied experience of football advertisement film shoots and is used widely as a body double and player.