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Name: Mr Woo
AKA: Master Woo
Serial No. 002981567
Location: London, UK

Offence: Zen Level Mastery of a Football
Trick Status:

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Vital statistics

Name: Mr Woo
Height: 170cm
Weight: 63kg (9st 12lbs)

Career highlights

Conducted Half-Time entertainment promotions in over 20 stadiums throughout the UK for T-Mobile (2005-2006)

Starred in the iconic T-Mobile advertisement that featured Mr Woo lying in a park, speaking on a mobile while juggling a football  

Has been featured on such programs as Match of the Day, Football Focus and They Think it's All Over and has been interviewed for countless Magazines (FourFourTwo, World Soccer etc)

Performed at the FIFA World Player of the Year Awards 2005 and at Pele's 50th Birthday Party

His imaged was digitised to become "the Stick Man" for that iconic series of Nike commercials

Is a true South Korean icon and very well known throughout the world - regularly appearing in TV commercials in Asia where his following and recognition levels are huge


Freestyle facts

Woo is well known among the world's greatest professional footballers having worked and met the best players of their generation for the last 20 years; including Pele, Maradona, Ronaldinho and Michel Platini

In 1996 he juggled a football for the entire length of the LA Marathon (9 hrs 17 minutes, 48 seconds)

In 1998, Mr Woo held the official world record for the head bounce, bouncing the football continuously on his head for 5 hrs, 6 minutes and 30 seconds

Mr Woo practices his freestyle skills for 2 hours per day as well as playing football and going to the gym on a daily basis


Personal Quote

  " You need to have a strong will, put in the time and effort and remember that there are no short cuts"

More info

Mr Woo supports Fulham FC and would one day like to be Manager of the South Korean National Team

His other interests apart from football and football freestyling include singing, karaoke and music.

Mr Woo would like to see the creation of a World Governing Body for Football Freestyling and would like to play a crucial role with its inception and running