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Player Profiles

Name: Nam the Man
AKA: Nambo
Serial No. 002341567
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Offence: Outrageous Skill Levels
Trick Status:

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Nam the Man

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Vital statistics

Name: Nam the Man
Height: 172cm (5'8)
Weight: 72kg (11st 4lbs)

Career highlights

Performed  live on French TV with Dan Magness from the Grand Palace in Paris as a part of the biggest annual live charity telethon event in France

Travelled throughout Indonesia performing and conducting freestyle coaching clinics throughout this vast island nation, leading to a huge increase in interest in football freestyling

Appeared live on the Indonesian equivalent of the Dave Letterman show and had giant billboards and posters using his image to promote football events throughout Jakarta

Together with Palle, starred in two television commercials featuring their freestyle skills to promote the Indonesian coverage of the English Premier League (please check out these ads on our site!) 

Has just shot another television commercial in Holland that will be featured heavily on professional football stadium big screens throughout the Netherlands.

Freestyle facts

He has done an amazing 1000 Sole juggles!

Nam practices a minimum of 2 and up to 5 hours per day

The first trick he learnt was the Around the World (ATW)

His favourite trick is the "Triple M" (Mega Magnetic Mix) and is famed for his "Matrix" move (check these moves out on his Footballista video)

Personal Quote

" Try to be consistent and be patient with practice. You can only improve with practice"

More info

Nam has a wide variety of interests which include Break Dancing, Nunchuck, Close-up Card Magic, Capoeira and Kick Boxing

Nam is currently in the process of making a name for himself in both China and Vietnam! He is hoping to try and promote the sport of freestyle in these countries and to see it grow as well as making himself one of the best known football freestylers in these parts of the planet!

He supports Barcelona and loves football played the "beautiful way"

Nam was once offered a trial with an J-League club in Japan!