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Name: Palle
AKA: The Punk
Serial No. 002341567
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Offence: Crazy Football Skills
Trick Status:

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Vital statistics

Name: Palle
Age: 18
Height: 185cm
Weight: 70kg

Career highlights

Palle has performed his freestyling skills throughout the world - including Indonesia, Italy, Sweden and France.

He performed a half-time show at the Stade de France in Paris and has also part of a big  pre-match entertainment extravaganza at Stamford Bridge.

Together with Nam the Man he also filmed two TV advertisements in Indonesia in 2006 (check the clip out of one of the ads in his Footballista video profile!)

He was also heavily featured in a Japanese Freestyle magazine in 2005 and was highlighted as one of Europe's finest young Freestylers!

Freestyle facts

Palle trains between 1-5 hours per day depending on his performance schedule and his physical condition on any given day.

The first trick he learnt was an Around the World and was inspired to get into Freestyling after seeing Edgar Davids in a Nike commercial.

The most unusual trick he does is his Triple Around the World and there can be no doubt that Palle is arguably the best Around the World artisan in the world!

Personal Quote

"Have fun and believe in yourself!"

More info

Palle has a wide variety of interests including Video Games, editing and Skateboarding.

He is indeed an accomplished editor and has edited and compiled his own football freestyle DVDs.

Palle is a big Manchester United fan and always enjoys watching the most skilful players such as Robinho and Ronaldinho weave their magic in the football pitch!