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Liverpool Film Premier



A documentary featuring the Kaos Footballistas who competed in the 2006 Masters of the Game (MOTG) competition in Amsterdam went down an absolute storm at its Premier in Liverpool!


The documentary called “From the Pool to the Dam” and focusing mainly on the involvement of Kaos Footballista and Liverpool based, Richard Braithwaite; was a smash hit with a sell-out crowd of over 400 coming to acknowledge their local hero and see some fantastic live performances by the Kaos Footballistas in attendance.   The evening was a great success and a credit to both Richard and the film maker, Martin Chart who organised the entire event!



Liverpool Film Premier

Richard said, “It was great to see such an excellent turn-out for the Premier and it made all the hard work we put in worth it, especially when you saw the reactions of the kids in the audience to both the documentary and the live shows all the guys performed!”  


Richard, who is also known as Mr Silky Skills hosted the event and used the opportunity to feature one of his upcoming Silky Skills Crew in 18 year old James Ransome who performed alongside all the Kaos Footballistas as well as doing a very impressive solo.  


The other live performances involved MOTG winner John Farnworth and runner-up, Mr Woo showing the type of form, tricks, moves and style that have consistently kept them at the top of the football freestyle world!   Farnworth said, “It was great to be able to perform in front of such a knowledgeable freestyle audience and one that could really appreciate what we were doing out there!” Mr Woo added, “It is always nice to perform and see kids really enjoying our shows!”












Liverpool Film Premier

Among the many highlights was the special live show conducted by Tommy Baker who also featured his special triple ball routine in one of the few times he has performed this to date.


The evening climaxed with a huge crowd participation event where audience members could perform with the Kaos Footballistas unearthing some great talent.   “The quality of the football freestyling shown by some of the crowd participants was outstanding and it only means the sport will be getting stronger and stronger” said Mr Woo.   Indeed one lad in particular caught the eye in terms of both ability and attitude in Tom Folan and he is certainly a Kaos Footballista for the future and perhaps even a future World Champion in the making!