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Masters 2009



Following the success of Kaos Football in providing the football based entertainment for the whole of the Masters Football Program in 2008; both parties have agreed to forge even greater links for the upcoming 2009 Series. Last year saw Kaos Football providing Footballistas to all nine Masters Football events and 2009 will be no different.  


Managing Director of Kaos Football, Peter Konsto said, Our involvement last year was a great success and a wonderful experience for everyone associated with these great sporting events; which see some of the Games’ all time greats pull on their boots once again for the honour of representing their Clubs!”


For those unaware of Masters Football, it is a TV Sports Series which sees many of Football’s all-time greats pulling on their boots to once again represent their former Clubs for this live stadium and SKY TV format. The compeition is shown live on Sky Sports TV throughout the summer as well as drawing huge live crowds to indoor stadium arenas throughout the country.   



Masters 2009

It has been going for well over 15 years and Chief Executive Officer of Masters Football, Steve Black said, “All the Kaos Footballistas were great, and it was wonderful having them showcasing their unbelievable skills to our very football knowledgeable and appreciative live football TV and stadium audiences.”  


There were many highlights at last year’s events, including our themed multi-performer show at the Wembley Arena in London, the amount of excellent TV coverage our Kaos Footballistas received on SKY TV, as well as the introduction of Tom Folan onto the wider football freestyle stage.  


Indeed, Tom was truly a crowd favourite with the Masters Football MC, certainly taking a shine to Tom as his best jokes were more or less at Tom’s expense throughout the whole Series – let’s see if any new jokes come into play for 2009!  


Another highlight was definitely when Wales and Aston Villa legend, Dean Saunders forgot his trainers at home and Footballista, Al Johnson loaned him his shoes for him to be able to compete!  


Kaos Football would like to thank all the Masters Football crew for both the opportunities provided for us to perform at their wonderful events as well as their professionalism and commitment with all our dealings.   



Masters 2009

Kaos Football would also like to thank all the Kaos Footballistas who participated and helped make these Events all the more memorable with their outstanding displays of skills and tricks contained within their routines.  


The Kaos Footballistas who participated were: Abbas Farid, Al Johnson, Richard Braithwaite, Mike Delaney, Tom Folan, John Farnworth and Nam the Man.  


The whole of Kaos Football is looking forward to participating again in the entire 2009 Masters Football Series which kicks off on Wednesday 25th March with the first Home Nations event at the Liverpool Arena which will feature Liverpool based Footballista, Richard Braithwaite in action.  


Much is planned for the upcoming Masters Football Series including possible World Record attempts, more multi-performer shows and everything else that makes Kaos Football the best provider of football based entertainment anywhere!


For those keen to see any of the Masters Football this coming summer, the following is the schedule and don’t forget, Kaos Footballistas will feature at each and every event.   



Check out the Masters Schedule