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Monta in Vietnam



In another show of commitment and support for the worldwide Football Freestyle scene, Monta – the Dutch based Street Football clothing brand – was a major Prize Clothing Sponsor for the Vietnamese CLEARmen Football Freestyle Competition held in Ho Chi Minh City on December 20th 2009.


In another World first for Football Freestyle in Vietnam, all ten Finalists received Monta clothing as a part of their prize package and the football street fashion brand was extremely well received! 








Monta in Vietnam

The eventual competition winner, Le Anh Tuan from Hanoi, was extremely happy to receive his share from this iconic clothing brand, “This street football wear is not available in Vietnam but many people know about it through the internet and all world’s most famous Football Freestylers who wear Monta clothing!” he said. Indeed, it is this endorsement by many of the leading players in Football Freestyle on places like You Tube, at live events and other types of promotional platforms that have seen both recognition and demand levels for Monta clothing continue to rise. 


Another CLEARmen Finalist from Hanoi, Do Kim Phuc helped to elaborate this point, “We have all been watching players like Nam the Man and Palle on the internet for many years to learn and be amazed by them, but also notice that they are always wearing this cool Monta clothing! And now we get to wear it also! It’s great” he exclaimed! It must be said that the recognition and brand awareness levels are extremely high in Vietnam for Monta with the famous Monta freestyle ball being one of the most recognised of all!



Monta in Vietnam

“ They all love Monta here and I think it is a combination that it is cool, stylish street wear and the fact  that this brand is associated with both the sport they love and that their heroes like Nam the Man wear the brand” said With all Freestylers wanting to practice and train with the ones that Nam the Man brought with him to Vietnam.


Managing Director of Kaos Football Peter Konsto who spent close to 2 months in Vietnam together with Nam the Man  on the CLEARmen events, exploring business opportunities and expanding their networks in the Asian region. Nam the Man continued, “They really like the look of the clothing and what it represents. The logo also has made a huge impact.

It is very Asian/oriental in nature, with the dragon being a very important and powerful symbol of both good fortune and power here in Vietnam as it is in most Asian countries” Monta representative, Ivar Schout said, “ It is very exciting for us as a brand to know that we are making such an impact in places like Vietnam and we hope we can grow the business into these types of regions in the coming years”. There is no doubt that there is a big future for Monta both Vietnam and Asia as a whole both as Fooball Freetsyle and Street Football continue to grow at such a rapid rate.