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South Africa Ad



Nam the Man is the star of a new Cadbury TV Advertisement in South Africa - but you would never know it is him! The reason for this is because he is performing his amazing freestyling routine while wearing a complete full body bear suit! Even his trainers had to get covered in fake bear fur!


“This was probably the most difficult job I’ve ever done!” Nam exclaimed.


Asked what the most gruelling aspects of the job were, Nam replied “Everything! The heat inside the suit, the hair and the glue got everywhere; including the inside of my mouth and the sheer physical difficulty of freestyling in the suit.”

South Africa Ad

Indeed, the physical demands of the job were such that it meant professional masseuses needed to massage Nam’s legs at every break in the filming schedule.


The other main factor from the shoot was the poor visibility from inside the suit! It essentially he was doing his tricks and moves with the football blind! It meant that in most cases Nam was hitting tricks without seeing the ball, making them from pure instinct and experience.


“I trained hard for the Ad, preparing in Ireland before flying out to South Africa. They hired a bear suit for me and I practised with that to see what I could do well enough for the ad to make the most impact.” Nam said


South Africa Ad

However, despite all the difficulties Nam continued, “I’m really pleased with the end result! Everyone in South Africa was very warm and welcoming, doing everything they could for me. South Africa is a beautiful place and I hope myself and many other Kaos Footballistas get to go there again for the 2010 World Cup!”


Kaos Football would like to thank both Cathy Day and Hazel Van Jaarsveld for all their professionalism and help in getting Nam to South Africa for this job and ensuring he was extremely well looked after!


Please check out Nam’s Cadbury Bear Suit TV Ad in our Video of the Week section – enjoy!