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Kaos Football Entertains Wembley!  

Kaos Football helped entertain over 1000 delegates at the most recent SoccerEx Conference conducted at the world famous Wembley Stadium in London in April. In a joint venture with our European Partners, Fussballmarkt, Kaos Football combined forces to help keep the delegates attending the 2008 London SoccerEx Conference entertained throughout the heavy day of conferencing, networking and business!  


Kaos Footballistas, Nam the Man and Abbas Farid, together with Rene Mathussek of Fussballmarkt did a great job in entertaining the delegates. Our Freestyle friend and colleague, Billy Wingrove was also there to lend a hand and help promote Freestyle to this important football audience.




Fussballmarkt Team Manager, Andre Jansen commented “the experience of networking with people not only from Europe but from all over the football world was both a unique and amazing aspect of this event! It was great for business!”

“We enjoyed performing and doing all our tricks – mainly to see the great reactions from all the people in suits!” Nam quipped.


The event saw key speeches given by Bobby Robson and Gerard Houllier as well as a host of other famous people from the world of football including ex-England and Manchester United captain, Brain Robson.   




A special thanks goes out to Bas Leenes from the SoccerEx crew who played a crucial role in arranging the participation of Fussballmarkt and Kaos Football at this fantastic event. We all hope that it will be the first of many involvements with SoccerEx, especially with events in Dubai and South Africa coming up in what remains of 2008.  

For anybody interested in attending and networking at future SoccerEx events, please visit their website at: www.soccerex.com for further details.