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Woo Ambassador

Winter Olympics role for Mr Woo 

In what must be considered to be one of the greatest honours bestowed upon any Football Freestyler in the world, Mr Woo has been granted an honorary ambassadorial role for the 2014 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games Bid.


In an exclusive ceremony conducted at the Park Lane Hilton in London, the Chairman of the Bid Committee, Mr Han Seung Soo awarded Mr Woo the official title of Honorary Ambassador to make Mr Woo an integral part of their official Olympic Winter Games Bid Team.  Asked why the Committee had chosen Mr Woo for prestigious award, Mr Han commented, "Mr Woo is one of the most popular and well known football people from South Korea and his popularity and unique talents will help promote our bid especially here in the UK and Europe where the sport of Football is so well loved."

The former United Nations President of the General Assembly, Mr Han continued, "Through major sports like Football, which is a big part of the Olympic Family of Sports, we believe Mr Woo can help publicize our great city of PyeongChang and our 2014 bid through all his fans. This will help to lift our profile and he will play a more than useful role as an Honorary Ambassador for our Bid".

Mr Woo was obviously overjoyed at receiving such an important international honour, "I feel very honoured at being recognised by my country in this way and I feel confident that by working together; that we will make the best possible bid to hopefully win the bid to host the Winter Olympic Games for 2014!" he added.  

When asked how this honour compared with performing at Pele's 50th birthday or being the Stickman for the Nike campaign; Mr Woo said, "They are all so different however, to be recognised by your own country and given such a  responsibility is something very special!"

When asked what the chances of winning the Bid were, Mr Woo said "We have a very good chance. We have made it to the final three candidate cities along with Salzburg in Austria and Sochi in Russia, so let's hope we can all make the impression we want with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) so our Bid enables us to gain the hosting rights for 2014!"


Bid Committee Chairman, Mr Han added, "We learnt a very valuable lesson when London won the rights to host the 2010 Summer Games. Right up until the last minute, it seemed Paris was going to win but London turned the votes in their favour with a very strong presentation. All we can do is our best and I know our entire Bid team will make the Korean people very proud!."


Mr Woo also believes that his involvement with this Olympic Bid may help to raise the profile of Football Freestyle enough to one day allow it to gain Olympic recognition in its own right as an Olympic event, “ This could be the beginning of pushing the sport of Football Freestyling to the level we all who love the sport want it to get to!"

The final decision on who will host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be made by the IOC in Guatemala City on July 4th 2007. Kaos Football would like to wish Mr Woo and the rest of the PyeongChang Bid Team all the very best of luck in Guatemala and let’s all hope that one day we see Football Freestyle as an Olympic event!