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The Brand

What is Kaos Football?

Kaos Football is football with attitude!


Ultimately, Kaos Football means doing the unexpected, the inspirational, the impossible with the ball - whether you do this on the pitch, the school ground, the street or in your own back yard! Kaos Football allows players to have the courage and conviction to back-heel, nutmeg, flick pass the ball with a deft touch or spectacularly turn a marker. 


It gives you the power to overhead kick or launch yourself into a diving header.  Kaos Football is not constrained by race, colour or religion - it is an all unifying force and represents all that is wondrous about the Beautiful Game.  


Creating Kaos is what breaks down defences and provides the opportunities to score. Kaos Football entertains and is what brings the crowds to their feet.


It is using your intuition in combination with your inner belief and confidence that allows you to always try the unpredictable!


Kaos Football brings the joys of the game to the fore!   It is Kaos Football that supports the case that Soccer is the greatest sport in the world. It is what makes the game so special. Create Kaos Football and you will be worshiped!


Fortune favours the brave - be brave enough to create Kaos on the pitch, create Kaos Football!


The Brand

  Kaos Football is also the world's leading football freestyle specific brand. 


Kaos Football Enterprises (KFE) Ltd was founded in 2004 to bring something completely unique, innovative and exciting into the world of football based entertainment; namely - Kaos Football!


Kaos Football brings the phenomenon of Football Freestyling from the urban streets and into the entertainment world.   

The Brand

  The Brand and the products...

KFE is developing a series of Football Freestyle specific products with our Partners
that helps players become more adept and proficient in this outstanding activity whether they are training or competing.


No doubt, Football Freestyling improves your touch and you subsequently become a better all-round footballer!


Think football freestyling!

Think Kaos Football!